The Remnant

"Let the light of God's wisdom illuminate your path, and the words of our prophesies be your guiding star."

Why Remnant?

Welcome to our community of believers who have received divine prophecies and share inspiring quotes. Reading our quotes is a way to connect with the wisdom and guidance we believe God has bestowed upon us. Here's why you should consider delving into our collection of quotes: Divine Inspiration: Our quotes are rooted in the prophetic visions we've received from God. They offer a unique perspective and insight into various aspects of life, spirituality, and the world. Spiritual Nourishment: Our quotes are intended to nourish your spirit and provide you with a deeper understanding of your faith. They can be a source of comfort and strength during challenging times. Community of Believers: By reading our quotes, you become a part of our community. We believe in the power of togetherness and sharing our experiences and revelations. Wisdom and Guidance: Our quotes offer wisdom and guidance that can help you navigate the complexities of life with faith as your compass.

What we offer

Our website is a platform for sharing the divine prophecies and inspiring quotes we've received. Here's what you can expect from us: Prophetic Insights: Discover the prophecies and revelations we've received from God, offering a unique perspective on the future and the divine plan. Inspirational Quotes: Immerse yourself in a collection of quotes that touch on various aspects of life, spirituality, and personal growth. Community Engagement: Join our community of believers, share your own experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals who seek spiritual enlightenment. Support and Encouragement: Find solace in the knowledge that you're not alone on your spiritual journey. Our platform offers support and encouragement when you need it most.

Our values

As a Christian community guided by our divine prophecies, we uphold the following values: Faith: We believe in the power of faith, both in God's plan and in each other. Our quotes reflect this unwavering belief. Unity: We promote unity and understanding among our members. We embrace diversity and seek to learn from one another. Love: Love is at the core of our beliefs. We strive to love one another and extend that love to the world. Service: We are committed to serving our community and spreading the message of God's love and guidance.

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